35 Interpersonal Process Recording Schizophrenia
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Process Recording Example Conversation
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ipr sample interpersonal process recording student nurses verbal and nonverbal munication student nurses perceptions thoughts and feelings clients verbal and nonverbal munication therapeutic & non therapeutic techniques used and rationale evaluation of therapeutic response using silence process recording nurse munication verbal & non verbal client munication verbal & non verbal nurse’s thoughts & feelings related to the interaction analysis of the effectiveness process recording form description of interaction setting munication since the pletion of my last process recording although some of the client’s ments took me by although some of the client’s ments took me by surprise i believe i reacted well and adapted fairly quickly to the situation auburn university nurs 4230 mental health nursing auburn university nurs 4230 mental health nursing interpersonal process recording ipr student name megan mcgahan brief information about this client 15 yr old male who suffers from depression that is recurrent severe possibly with psychotic features clinical learning experience workbook process recording process recording reflects use of many therapeutic munication techniques the student the student includes a description of the setting and goal for the interaction process recording ncmh process recording on mentally ill patient process recording day1 npi working phase process recording undifferentiated schizophrenia schizophrenia ncmh case study process recording example process recording and msa disturbed thought process ncp nurse patient interaction format paranoid schizophrenia case study nursing care plan schizophrenia download jump to page you are on

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