death cab for cutie the new album from death cab for cutie thank you for today is out august 17th 2018 i will possess your heart "i will possess your heart" is an alternative rock song recorded by the american band death cab for cutie the song depicts a one sided obsessive relationship which led paste to name it one of the 25 creepiest songs about love we have the facts and we re voting yes we have the facts and we re voting yes is the second studio album by in rock band death cab for cutie released march 21 2000 on barsuk records 一度は聴いておきたい洋楽ロック名曲を厳選77曲紹介! 洋楽ロック名曲を紹介。個人の嗜好につき趣味は偏るが、洋楽に興味ある人は試しに聴いてみていただきたい。 おすすめ洋楽ロックバンド!洋楽好きなら絶対に押さえておきたい有名バンド50選 筆者は洋楽ロックを好んで聴いている、いわゆる洋楽厨だが、本稿では洋楽ロック好きなら絶対におさえておきたい超有名

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